New, delicious horizons

We are sad to say that we here at A Taste of Lansing have shipped out, and are now living on the east coast.  We will miss many things about Michigan food (where are we supposed to get amazing sushi?  or pączki??), but we’re excited about other things (seafood!).  We may have a friend take over the blog, so stay tuned for that.  But in the meantime, feel comforted by the fact that we’ve found good nachos and donuts.

IMG_20150802_205610 IMG_20150911_135335


Field Trip: the best fish fry in MI

We spent a lovely few days in the UP last  month and happened upon this gem by accident.  We were trying to go to the Shipwreck Museum, but it was pouring, plus there were mutant super-powered mosquitos out, so we bailed and got back on the highway.   Luckily for us, there just aren’t that many restaurants near Tequamenon Falls to begin with, so our odds were pretty good. We came to find out later that The Fish House has quite a good reputation!  We’ve had pretty good luck happening upon Yelp 5-star establishments up north (Populace being another, when we were brand new to the state).


Fish fry made from today’s catch is a treat, and for reasons I can’t understand, a rarity even in the great lakes states.  We also took home half a pound of smoked fish for later–simply divine.

Come early for the best selection–when the fish is gone, it’s gone!


Brown Fisheries Fish House

Address: 32638 Michigan Hwy 123, Paradise, MI 49768

Hours: 12-8 M-Sat

Ph.: (906) 492-3901

lazy weekend

Yesterday was gorgeous, and today it can’t decide whether to be sunny or rainy.  So this Memorial Day weekend, I’m sitting on the porch, reading my NYT with a cup of coffee and these yummy things I found at Oriental Mart.


Ever since my short time living in Vienna just a few blocks from the Manner store I’ve always loved any kind of cream-filled wafer, and I’m always on the lookout for new flavors.  Some might say coffee and green tea don’t go together, but don’t knock it til you try it 🙂

Spring break on your lunch break

Several weeks ago, while it was still dreary and snowy, I checked out the new little Cuban food cart in Old Town, La Cocina Cubana.   I thought it would be just the thing to make me feel a little warmer!DSC_0711I ordered the combo consisting of pork, beans, rice, and plantains.  What I received was a box and a soup container stuffed with deliciousness!  Totally enough for 2.  Plus, I have a real thing for plantains, so I was pretty happy!  I definitely want to try lots of other things on their menu.

DSC_0712Address:  536 E Grand River Ave, Lansing

Hours: Sun-F 10-7, Sat 10-8:30

Ph: 894-3079


Cozy comfort food

On a sunny fall day, we stopped by the new Sweet Lorraine’s Mac N Cheez in East Lansing. At the intersection of several needs of the college student at lunch time — comfort food, customizability, and max calories for min $$ — we had to check it out.

Now, Mac N Cheez is in fact a franchise. However, we don’t feel that bad about that, because right now there are only a few locations and they are MI based. Given many of the other options on the MSU strip, gimme Mac!
We sampled the Macho Nacho and the Mean Green Pesto Mac. As you can see, there’s plenty of food, and packaged ready to take the rest home.  Mac is pretty hard to mess up, but these did not disappoint.  We resisted all the yummy baked goods and the really cute craft soda on the fountain, since we were pretty sure we didn’t need the extra calories.
Address: 547 E. Grand River Ave, East Lansing
Hours: M-Th 11-10, F-Sat 11-midnight, Sun 11-9
Ph: 325-0850

Swagath opens a new location / Ten amazing things

Swagath operates a restaurant and a grocery on the south side of East Lansing, and now they’ve opened another location in Okemos!  That means it’s time for another edition of:

10 Amazing Things!

1.  Lentils, chickpeas, rice….you get the idea.DSC_03502.  Delicious Naan, Chipatis, and Roti to complete your meal.  Tell your dinner guests you slaved over a hot stove making them yourself.

DSC_03373.  Chutneys and sauces.DSC_03384.  Fun snacks and desserts.  I personally cannot get enough sesame candy, so I appreciate this “king size” giant slab of sesame!DSC_0342

5.  Ghee.  Tell all your paleo friends.  DSC_03486.  Miniature snack samosas.  Also all sorts of crisps and things made of lentil and chickpea flour….which means they’re healthy, right??

DSC_03457.  Actual samosas!  Take home some ready made deliciousness.  DSC_03348.  Produce for your home-cooked Indian meals.

DSC_03519.   And hard-to-find spices for those recipes, too.  Whole or ground, find it here.  Did you know there are different kinds of cinnamon sticks?? DSC_034010.  Gulab Jamun!  You might recognize these from the end of the lunch buffet.  Like donut holes cooked in sugar syrup —  what could be better after a spicy meal?



Love Indian food but have no idea where to start?  We’ve been using The Bombay Cafe for years and love it.  Dal, curries, bread recipes, and directions for homemade spice blends and sauces, plus a great glossary!

Address:  1060 Trowbridge Rd, East Lansing; 1723 W Grand River Ave, Okemos

Hours: M-Sat 11-9, Sun 12-7

Ph: 517-336-0700; 517-381-3400